Hunter Got Humped
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After the meltdown, Paris was a rough place. Still, she had to do what had to be done. She was a mutant hunter, ready for anything – anything but a massively hung and super horny mutant. No luck shooting it, so she decided to neutralize the danger by fucking it. Watch the crazy hunter milk the monster’s shiny, spiky schlong in this insane episode!

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It used to be a big research center. Samantha knew people left it many years ago. Tired after a long flight, she decided to stop there for a while. No humans in sight – just big, scary, horny monsters. Turns out the only way for her to communicate with the winged creature and avoid trouble was to let it pound all her holes with its huge, rough, almost unbearably hot member!

Tags: Apocalypse | Mutants | Sci-fi | Glamour | HorrorThe Day After
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Madison was hoping she wasn’t the only one who survived. She spent this entire time hiding. It was her first day out. She tiptoed her way across the area – only to be caught by a really weird life form. Huge, mean, demanding, horny life form, too! Soon it was ramming its giant crooked cock all the way into Samantha’s sore cunt. Looks like new life on Earth is going to be fun after all!

Tags: Mutants | Sci-fi | Glamour | Horror
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