Zombie Apocalypse
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The virus outbreak was more than unexpected. Zombies were flocking in the corridors of the research center, getting ready to fill the streets. The harbingers were wrong, it wasn’t eating the human flesh that the abominable creatures were after. It was filling as much human pussy with their stiff zombie cock as possible! No female researcher was leaving the facility unfucked.

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A quiet night in his castle turned into something of a surprise for the old werewolf. His dinner was interrupted by a bat that stormed inside – and turned into a beautiful vampiress! Stunned by her beauty, the big strong werewolf watched her suck on his huge pulsing erection. The vampiress was nearly torn apart by the huge creature, but looks like that’s exactly what she needed!

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It was to be her most daring summoning ritual yet, summoning the demon of lust to help her control sinful mortals. A slight discrepancy in the spell made the terrifying demon figure leave its cage and slam its giant hot-as-lava shaft right into the witch’s rear passage. Never before has sorcery cost the hapless slut her own tight butt! The demon just kept working the gaping hole…

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