Magic Journey
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The quest for the Stone Statue turned out to be even more successful than she thought! The statue was made of stone and was alive, but this was not the thing that caught her attention. It was the statue’s huge shaft, literally rock hard. And the statue did not mind rewarding her for the completed quest! The stone shaft almost ripped her apart as the statue kept pounding her from every angle.

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Sonia had no idea a new fighter has joined the tournament. Gataru looked big, way too big for her to handle. His extra pair of arms and especially his long thick cock dangling between his hard muscled thighs made her quiver. She did not stand a chance. Their fight turned into fierce fucking almost immediately! Gataru growled as his mighty dick was giving Sonya the fuckality she needed.

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Raiding tombs? Sometimes things took a different turn for Clara. She encountered a bizarre winged monster, strong, purple-colored, dangerous. Trying to fight it was useless. The creature wasn’t after killing her, it was after probing her pussy with that monster cock! Clara loved every second of that insane ride, fucked like a cheap slut in every corner of the dark gothic graveyard.

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