Muddy Water
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Nobody in the village went near that well. Rumor had it there were monsters inside. Silly gossip? Well, the blacksmith’s daughter found out all right. Half-man, half-reptile, the mutant begged for help, and when she helped him get out, grabbed her by her long red hair and fucked her rough and raw. Its rock hard slimy cock made her cum over and over again, so she’ll probably be coming back!

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She was way too wasted to realize that guy she just met at that party had something weird about him. She just did not care about anything at that point. When the guy took her to a far away room for a quickie and suddenly transformed into a huge, hard, horny reptile, it was too late to be surprised. The thing just fucked her into the wall (and the floor) with its giant scaly cock!

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Damn that jungle heat. She was used to it, but one day it got particularly unbearable. She slept outside her tent – and that’s where the jungle got her. The creature she had captured earlier broke free. The monkey man growled and roared as its unnaturally big shaft was ripping her tight black ass in two halves. The weirdest thing? She loved every second of it! Her mission just started…

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