Supernatural Madness
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Favorite place closed down, Hunk very angry! And what’s better to do when you’re angry, no, super-angry than some heated angry fucking. Thunderbolt has always been by Hunk’s side. She was a trooper this time as well. Watch the tight sexy fox take every inch of crazy Hulk up her sore snatch, saving the city from total destruction. That giant green cock, it pretty much split the babe apart!

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Whenever Superchick sees injustice, she takes action. That time, the injustice took the shape of a monster shamelessly using that poor girl for its vile pleasures. That’s too much for the doll to handle. Watch her tear the two apart and take the assault of the monster’s big bizarre dick herself. Well, the girl still wanted some of it, so they fought (and fucked) evil together.

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The tall, strong, curvy beauty got captured by a filthy monster and taken to its dark dungeon. Her party could continue their journey and this brought her some peace. Well, good, because there was not much peace to be found where she was! The filthy creature suspended her upside down and rubbed its enormous cock all over her till it covered the poor girl in spicy sticky cum.

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