Alien Intruders
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It was obvious. The aliens were close and intrusion was imminent. Soon the aliens were on board, with their spiky tails and horrible muzzles. Turns out they and humans had more in common than she thought! No time to think about it though, the very first creature grabbed her and penetrated every hole of hers with its thick sharp tail. Oh what a contact, of every possible kind!

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Late night experiments were always a bad idea. Still, the sexy female assistant was curious about certain aspects of how avatars came to be. The whole thing got out of control and she had a wild, blue-skinned, obviously male species to deal with. There was only one way. She let it ram its huge unearthly shaft into her fuck holes and milked the pulsing thing till she was safe again.

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Life brought Captain to the strangest places, and he was lucky enough to always leave them with loot. Sometimes something extra as well! Watch as he almost makes his getaway with the compass – and then decides to stay for some fun! That creature was just strange, but its female minion was way too sexy not to pound her tight pussy soaked in exotic juice. See how the crazy scene unveils!

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