Tribal Rituals
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Every unwed girl of the tribe was to go through the initiation. The tribesmen would take her deep into the jungle and leave her tied to a post. Around midday, the creature would come. A reptile and a human, a man and a woman, all at the same time, the creature had a pulsing member and heavy breasts, all covered with scales. It would do things to the girl that she would never forget…

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Even the most special of slaves were to be punished for misdemeanor. This exotic blonde tgirl was no exception. Watch as the queen summons her and orders her hard-dicked monster to punish her filthy fuck hole. Things get heated quickly, and soon it’s the queen’s hole that enjoys the presence of the slave’s shaft in it. It all ends with a well-deserved bath of monster cum for the slave tgirl.

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He did not know the territory. People talked about strange beings living here, but he did not believe it. Well, now he does! Attacked by an amazon, the warrior has no time to unsheathe his sword. The amazon, however, has plenty of time to unsheathe his pork sword – and hers as well! He never experienced anything like this. She knew things about manhood no woman could ever know…

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